Part of “shipping with confidence” is knowing you will pay with confidence. Our technology along with our service team put every single invoice through a full service agreement check. The things we look for are in the details on the invoice. Though this is a time consuming effort for individuals, we have developed the technology so our system can detect discrepancies and missed deliveries and then our audit team can inspect and research any questioned charge.

After the system scans the information, auditors review freight invoices, compare the rate to the agreement, identify any billing errors, question and dispute errors directly with the carrier and then pays the carrier invoices on behalf of the shipper. The shipper then receives a consolidated invoice on a weekly basis. Simply stated, freight audit and payment programs help shippers prevent rating errors, duplicate payments, missed opportunities or lost savings and overcharges.

Although selling product is integral to your survival, market share and profits rely on getting that product to the customer cheaper and faster than your competitors. For many companies that ship products, their expertise stops at the shipping dock. This is understandable. Companies specialize in what they do, and staff their operations accordingly. It’s not part of the business model to become experts in auditing freight and parcel invoices.

Unfortunately, it is commonplace for carriers to make mistakes, or to fail to apply the most beneficial rates to a shipment. Discounts and base rates are not applied when they could be. Minimums, fuel charges and accessorial charges are often incorrect. Charges for guaranteed delivery are not waived when a shipment is late. Worst of all, it’s easy for duplicate invoices to enter the picture – and to be paid, if the shipper isn’t on top of the situation.

The gains realized from correcting these mistakes, or simply from optimizing best value carriers, translate into real money. But the benefits reach far beyond the money savings. The data captured from the audit process opens a world of business decision-making potential.

The essential benefits of freight audit and pay are:

  1. Controlling costs
  2. Managing a careful use of your resources

Our team of dedicated auditors will save you time and money.