Sometimes shipping needs are specific and limited in scope. We provide innovation, operations support and specialty solutions to shippers (and carriers, now, too).

Our Specialty Freight Solutions Include:

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Dimensionalizer for Parcel and LTL shipments
  • Trade Show Shipping
  • Roll Outs for New Products
  • Over Dimensional

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our Transportation Management System is all-in-one web-based software that is the basis of all time and freight costs savings. The TFM TMS enables shippers to rate, plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of goods. It is the logistics platform that simplifies management of shipping and improves communication with carriers.

The benefits of our TMS include:

  • Advanced and proprietary technology
  •  Process simplification – rate and select carriers without ever leaving one place
  • Track Freight – know exactly where your shipments are once they leave your dock
  •  BI – Business Intelligence for analyzing data and presenting actionable information based on YOUR shipping activity

The Dimensionalizer

Our Dimensionalizer, powered by FIDA®, is comprised of our hardware and software for both density-based LTL freight and your parcel shipments. Our Dimensionalizer is a proprietary system of 5 cameras, a scale, and software that scans and measures freight.

For density-based LTL freight, our LTL Dimensionalizer, properly classifies your freight, and attaches pictures (from 5 angles) of your staged freight to every single BOL. The information that we collect on the characteristics of your freight will help us when it is time to negotiate your freight costs. The pictures are provided to carriers with the BOL so they have more information on your shipments before they even arrive. The pictures also provide invaluable support in the event of any claims due to damaged freight.

For Parcel shipments, our Dimensionalizer provides accurate measurements of your packages. It’s all automated so it saves time by eliminating manual data. In under 10 seconds, your packages are measured, photographed and archived. Our customers are reporting a 25%+ increase in shipping output and productivity from the first week of use.

Trade Show Shipping

Trade shows are usually only a few days long and we’ve seen exhibitors with no booth or materials due to poor planning, shipping missteps and incorrect information provided to the carrier. Lean on our experts here to help you ship with ease and accuracy to your trade shows and conferences.

Roll Outs

New product launches, merchandising refreshes or providing displays for a large campaign are benchmarks for any business. Shipping to retail locations with large volumes will be challenging for those lacking experience. Our seasoned staff has the background to guide you and manage the inevitable challenges of delivering a cost-effective solution without adversely affecting your day-to-day operations.

Over Dimensional Freight

Over dimensional freight is any item that exceeds one or more of the standard legal size criteria for each state and province. While these can vary from state to state, a general guideline for legal parameters is: 53’ long, 8‘ 6” wide and 13’ 6” tall (on the trailer). It’s important for shippers to plan in advance and to find a reliable logistics partner. Arranging transportation of oversized freight can cause a lot of stress, rack up serious costs and still not ensure that the outcome will be a success. We provide shippers with a well-prepared strategy and expert consulting. Our team of professionals will make sure your have competitive pricing and will cover all the details that factor into your shipment and it’s successful delivery.


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