Do you want to have total control over your shipping process and know what is happening and why all along the way? Then you’ll want Target Freight to handle your claims.

We specialize in the administration of transportation freight claims.

A freight claim is a legal demand by a shipper or consignee to a carrier for financial reimbursement for a loss or damage of a shipment. Freight claims are also known as shipping claims, cargo claims, transportation claims, or loss and damage claims.

The intention of a freight claim is for the carrier to make the shipper or consignee “whole” – that is to say, their position is as good as it would have been if the carrier had carried out their tasks according to the Bill of Lading. For this reason, claimants are generally expected to file a claim to recover their costs, not including profits, although in some rare cases claiming profits may be considered acceptable.

There Are 4 Categories of Freight Claims

  • 1Damage
  • 2Loss
  • 3Shortage
  • 4Concealed Damage or Shortage

We Keep You Informed Throughout the Process

Filing freight claims can be time consuming and tracking the progress of claims often gets overlooked. Resolving freight claims can also take a lot of time. Acting quickly to report a claim is essential. With Target Freight, that’s where your responsibility ends. We take it from there and will keep you informed throughout the process of resolution. Our dedicated and experienced claims resolutions team will facilitate all communication along with filing the claim and filling out the paperwork or forms.

Unfortunately, freight claims sometimes happen and when they do, we oversee the claim so you don’t have to lose time or money on this aspect of your freight spend. We will take action to support your claim. All the heavy lifting is on us.

“If we have an issue with a carrier, TFM takes care of it for me. Filing claims through their system is super easy, and I have reporting capabilities and tracking right from the software. The software and the team of helpful professionals that you have at your fingertips is just amazing.”


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