At Target Freight Management (TFM), we know that paying it forward is the key to strengthening our company and our community.

Working Together for a Better Tomorrow.

Our company-wide culture of caring can be traced back to the inspiring example set by the late Chuck Rutter, who was the high school baseball coach of our founder, Mike Wagner. Coach Rutter’s kindness and guidance during an extremely difficult time helped Wagner turn his life around and set him on a pathway to success.

TFM employees invest their time and energy in a variety of programs that support employee wellness, improve workplace culture, and provide assistance to the greater Pittsburgh community. Here are some recent examples of our team’s internal initiatives and community outreach.

Making Valentines for Senior Citizens

When we heard that some residents at the Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon eldercare facility felt a bit lonely on Valentine’s Day, our TFM team created a batch of handmade valentines to share with them. Being able to share a little joy with the senior citizens who have done so much for our community made everyone’s holiday even brighter.

Focusing on Nutrition

Certified nutritionist Jennifer Berger visits TFM on a monthly basis to help our employees plan, measure, and achieve their personal health goals. By learning about crucial food facts and focusing on “little wins” that help build momentum toward establishing healthy habits, our employees are making great progress on their individual health journeys!

Getting Trained in Self-Defense

Did you know that in addition to boosting confidence and peace of mind, self-defense training is also a great way to improve your observational skills and practice creative problem-solving? Our TFM team is excited to work in-person with Pittsburgh-based self-defense trainers Whispering Force, which TFM also sponsors. Click here to listen to a brief KDKA radio interview about the benefits of this training for TFM!


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