Target Freight Management provides accurate and dependable freight audit and payment services to more than 200 companies throughout the United States and Canada. Our roots in freight audit & payment date back 60 years from NTS. We process over 30 million domestic and international bills annually, representing $1 billion in freight and millions of dollars that are saved in fee avoidance.

We Save Our Clients Tens of Millions of Dollars

Each year we save our clients over $30 million in potential overcharges, not including duplicate invoices, as a result of our audits.

You’ll reduce your average transportation expense 3-4% by having us eliminate overcharging on your invoices. On average, you’ll reduce your transportation expense 2% by having us eliminate overcharges on your invoices. The benefits of having TFM handle your freight audit and payment processing include:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Easier cost allocation and compliance
  • More efficient and streamlined AP functions
  • Complete visibility into all your freight expenses

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Get Greater Visibility on Your Supply Chain

At TFM, we provide you with real-time business intelligence with the highest level of accuracy and clarity that helps you make better business decisions.

For example, we know that freight costs are a significant portion of your company’s expenses. By giving you greater visibility into your supply chain, we can help you attain serious cost savings that will keep your company competitive.

How do we accomplish this?

As we process your bills, we capture over 150 fields from your freight invoices, bills of lading, and delivery receipts. This information can be viewed through standard reports or imported into your company’s ERP systems. Then you can generate reports yourself through our web-based reporting tools, or let us generate and distribute reports to your employees.

With this information in hand, your team can make smarter decisions about how every package is sent and every dollar is spent.

Reduce Administrative Burdens With Our Payment Services

Letting us handle your freight payments reduces the load on your staff. We pay your carriers promptly, while freeing up your accounting department to perform other more productive functions.

  • If you’re paying your carriers yourself, your AP department is cutting and mailing dozens of checks each week. By allowing us to pay your carriers for you, you generate one check, ACH or wire. This can significantly reduce your AP expenses.
  • Carriers are provided with all pertinent information regarding adjustments to their invoices as a result of our audit. They’re given billed amounts, paid amounts and reasons for adjustments by Pro or tracking number.
  • Carriers are paid within 48 hours after receipt of your funds. We issue carrier payments 3 times a week.
  • We can age your carrier payments based on specific payment terms, maximizing cash flow.
  • If your carriers need to check payment status, they call us, not you. All carriers have access to the payment status of their invoices on our website. They can see if the invoice has been received by us, the status of the invoice, and if it’s paid, the check number and paid date are provided. If they need additional information, our carrier service department is available via phone, email or fax to assist with their inquiry.

How Our Freight Audit Process Works

Letting us handle your freight payments reduces the load on your staff. We pay your carriers promptly, while freeing up your accounting department to perform other more productive functions.

Each day, we receive freight invoices from hundreds of carriers that we work with. Invoices are received via mail, e-mail, or electronically via EDI format.

Once received, this data is entered and verified manually by our experienced data entry staff, or inserted electronically via EDI. Each and every bill that we process at TFM is audited either electronically through our AutoRate system or by a professional auditor before payment.

We’ll check for any and all possible overcharges including:

  •  Duplicate invoices 
  • Liability of the invoice
  • Missing or incorrect discounts
  • Inaccurate classifications
  • Incorrect tariffs
  • Wrong mileage and zip codes
  • Accessorial charge errors
  • Extension and addition errors 
  • and numerous other factors

What We Audit

Our Freight audit process and handling varies depending on the mode and carrier used. All invoices are checked where applicable for the following:

  • Correct classification or FAK
  • Assessment of proper rate and weight level breakouts
  • Determining if rates are based on pounds or kilos for proper conversion
  • Determining dimensional weights as needed
  • Confirming any rail or stop-off routing instructions
  • Appropriate fuel (or BAF) surcharges based on weekly DOE diesel prices
  • Mileage assessment for mileage-based contracts
  • Accurate liability for the freight bill
  • Application of proper discount and/or minimums
  • On-time delivery calculation for any Guaranteed Service Ratings
  • Proper tax assignment for border and Canadian application
  • Completing multiple audit steps based on a manifest match if supplied by the client
  • Verifying all account numbers billed by parcel carriers have been approved for processing
  • In the case of interline bills, we determine if the carrier issuing the bill should be the billing carrier
  • Special customer requirements, including the waiver of certain accessorial charges


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