Our IT IS Department is one of the largest departments at TFM.  This reflects our commitment to growing and advancing the technology that our customers use and that they request.  We often start with a custom solution for one client and quickly roll out the advancement to the benefit of all of our clients.

TFM supports a Web-based Transportation Management System (TMS), designed to streamline the process when it comes to freight for small to large-sized companies. Our clients have access to the essential online tools that will improved efficiency. These features include:

  • LTL Rating Tool, Rate Quote API, Carrier Selection
  • Electronic BOL Program
  • Track and Trace Feature, Carrier API, Carrier Manifest
  • Electronic Load Tendering
  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment, Invoicing API
  • Customized Dashboard Reporting
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Daily Manifest

Our reporting features give clients true visibility of their supply chain. The key metrics we measure are cost per pound by mode, by carrier, by state, by customer and by vendor. This information is vital to all companies and their success moving forward. Now our clients can accurately model the associate freight costs based on their own past shipping characteristics.  Whether you are purchasing goods from a new vendor or selling your product to a new customer, you will have access to all of the necessary information to forecast the freight costs in advance.

We support multiple integration methods including Support API, EDI and FTP integration methods.

Our TMS provides available API to:

  • Compare carrier rates
  • Shipping documents
  • Class & density rating
  • Online scheduling
  • Pick-up confirmation
  • Shipment tracking

Our Analytics and Reporting features include:

  • Live dashboards
  • Lost opportunities
  • Density analytics
  • Financial metrics

API Endpoints:

Saving Bill of Lading – Post

Execute Bill of Lading – Post

LCC Calculator – Post

Cancel Bill of Lading – Get

Density Classification – Get

Retrieve a PRO Number Electronically – Get

Print Label – Get

Print Bill of Lading – Get

Transit Data (Carrier Connect) – Post

Rate Quote API – Use this API to request a Rate Quote to receive a rate quote implementation guide you’ll need to complete and fax a non-disclosure agreement and fax it to us. Not: You must have Adobe Reader

Document API – API to request images of Bills of Lading, proofs of delivery/delivery receipts, and weight and inspection certificates. These images can be streamed as PDF images or streamed as XML. You may also request single or multiple images at one time.