Target Freight Management, Inc., (TFM) prides itself on hvaing over a decade of outstanding service and innovation. What our clients say about us proves just that.

“TFM has gone above and beyond to ensure that I’m not only getting the best price, but also that my shipments arrive on my timeframe. Thank you so much for making shipping the easy part of my day.”

“TFM has always been my ‘go-to’ transportation management service. They get back to me quickly with competitive rates, and they’re always there to handle any problems I might have.”

“TFM did exactly what they said they would and generated data-based results from Day One.”

“I have been working with our sales rep and the Target Freight Management team for 3 or so years. Our sales rep and his team return my quote requests quickly and efficiently. I have reached out to our sales rep several times with an ‘in a pinch’ shipment, and 9 times out of 10 he has been able to accommodate my company. Issues that might come up with quoting & invoicing are very limited, and if there are any, they are resolved in record time. I highly recommend the entire Target Freight Management team to anyone that has freight transportation needs.”

“Any time we call with questions, they are answered quickly. Everyone has been quite helpful, and the website and quote calculator are amazing and VERY easy to work with. Thank you for the great transportation consulting service from everybody there. You make things easy when it comes to freight.”

“If we have an issue with a carrier, TFM takes care of it for me. Filing claims through their system is super easy, and I have reporting capabilities and tracking right from the software. The software and the team of helpful professionals that you have at your fingertips is just amazing.”

“When I took over the Warehouse Manager position, we were wasting time and money in our shipping processes. For example, my team was spending an hour at the end of every day calling for pickups to each carrier individually. TFM software has a pickup request button that lets me gain 5 hours a week back for my team just by using this function. We were also hand PRO-ing all of the pallets. We ship about 25 pallets per day. We would create a label in Word, print two copies out, tape to the pallet, then get the PRO book out and put 6-8 PRO stickers on each pallet. The customer service rep at TFM showed me how to print the labels to a 4×6 sticker and took away ALL of that, which saved us another 5 hours per week. In those 2 processes, I gained back 10 hours per week.”