What is considered relatively small freight is no small matter to us.

Our Parcel professionals can help you realize greater savings and efficiency by acting as your parcel consultants on Contract Optimization and Parcel Audits.


We optimize your parcel pricing agreement, ensuring you have the lowest possible rates. It all starts with data. We look at your actual shipping characteristics and through detailed analysis, we advise you on the most competitive pricing programs to seek from the carrier. We then measure the data against your old contract vs. the new contract. The difference is the savings TFM provided. We split the savings. Contract optimization savings are typically 10-20%.


We recover money that you are owed due to late shipments and incorrect additional charges. Companies pay FedEx and UPS for the premium service they provide. Both carriers have a money-back guarantee (MBG) clause which ensures that you get your money back for packages that are even a few seconds late. Few people know that if their package arrives even a moment later than the shipping agreement or if the package is lost or damaged, they are entitled to a full refund. You can save between 2-7% by using our parcel auditing service. We provide a fully automated service that audits every invoice. We do this so you can focus on your core business. Our fee is based on a share of the refunds we help you recover.

At TFM, we run reports weekly that capture all the service failures by the carrier. You’ll get the weekly reports once a month. We monitor your invoices for overcharges, or incorrect rates. We file the claims on your behalf, so you can get the money you are owed.

If we don’t save you money, we don’t make money. There is no cost to you. Our compensation is a percentage of the refunds we get for you through contract optimization and audit invoice savings.

This process is generally a quick one with our technology and experts on staff. Typically, we can start saving you money within a week of reviewing your pricing agreement and auditing your invoices.

#1 Parcel Misconception: I just renegotiated my contract so there is no opportunity right now.

Fact: We can help you in Month One of signing your new agreement.