Please see below from YRC:

hurricane Ian progressed to a category 3 overnight last night and is still on track to come into Tampa Bay some time tonight, saying that it will slow down when it hits which will increase the amount of flooding and surge. We have engaged Trucker Relations, Linehaul and Customer Service departments, our first concern is the safety of our employees. We also engaged the 4 big DC’s and they are Julian date loading so that we are able to move the oldest freight first that are clean and not mixed with different due dates on them. VP’s will work with LH on flow into them once reopened so we do not over run them and kill their pools.

Below is where we are at by terminal in FL biggest impact to least impact:

  • Tampa-754-
    • mandatory evacuation in place for the immediate bay area, B evacuation(voluntary) in place for the rest of the area, those two cover 70-80% of our employees
    • Expecting 10-14’ storm surge and 10-12” of rain, high winds
    • We have a small crew working IB this morning and plan is to try and deliver the large trap accounts that will receive this morning and load routes to prepare for re-opening
    • Called the top 50 customers yesterday to see what their plans are and as expected they are closing
    • Terminal will be prepared for high winds keeping trailers close to the terminal on the opposite side of expected wind impact, tractors will be parked so that the rear of the unit is where the wind impact will be(if we have debris flying we can operate the unit with a damaged back window but cannot with a damaged windshield).
    • Act of God will be called this afternoon and tomorrow at this point, all managers have the appropriate information for doing so
    • Managers have a plan to account for their employees after the storm moves through so we know that they and their families are safe as well as if they incur any damage to their homes
  • Miami-
    • Expecting high winds and 6-8” of rain
    • They are fully open today but have had extremely high call offs so operation will be behind coming out of the storm
    • Some customer closings as well
    • Will deliver and pickup all they can with man power available
  • Orlando-
    • Also 100% open today, excessive call offs here as well, have a good sized crew working freight now and will deliver and pickup all the can with available manpower
    • Storm expected to hit there tomorrow night as a category 1 and projecting 10-12” of rain
    • Emergency management urging people to stay off the roads
    • Besides the rain/flooding concern here will be the meet and turn activity with the high winds, may have to hold them in Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville-
    • 100% operational
    • Only concern here is wind, if it gets to 45mph or higher they will shut the bridges down which will hurt P&D operations
  • Ocala-
    • 100% operational and no concerns at this time
  • Fort Meyers-
    • 100% operational, island still open right now, no other concerns at this time
  • West Palm Beach-
    • 100% operational, will get some rain but no expected impact to speak of at this time