Please see below from YRC:

    • Below is a weather update this morning from CDO….

      Good morning- Ian shifted to the south a little so some so now the high impact is Ft Meyers, storm is now a Cat 4 and approaching a Cat 5, winds at 155 MPH right now, evacuations have been and are still taking place in parts of the state, terminal status updates below-

      • West Palm Beach-
      • We got everything last night and will strip 100 percent clean. We have some wind gust and a lot of rain, I see Sysco, Cheney brothers on the street, I see other companies on the street also. We will run normal operations as long as we can, we will keep everyone safe and should be in great shape once the storm passes.
      • Fort Meyers- closed


      We stripped current and are now securing the facility:

      • All frt off the dock, with exception of OSD cage
      • Moved tractors away from trees and light poles so if they fall will not damage
      • Every door has trailer with trl door down and dock door down
      • Yesterday had the drains cleared in yard so excess water will go to retention ponds without obstruction
      • Currently we have 33 pups closed for LH

      2-153- Hagerstown

      4-402- Atlanta

      4-422- Nashville

      5-455- Jackson, MS

      5-653- Charlotte

      1-857- Columbus

      9-728- Ft Meyers

      3-754- Tampa

      • Miami-
      • We are going to call an ACT OF GOD in Miami today.  Tropical Storm warnings are up for Dade and Broward County until 1700 today.  We have heavy flooding and periods of heavy rain still exist.  Schools and non-essential government agencies are closed.   Some of our customers have closed.  We will reopen Tomorrow at 0500 Thursday Morning.  We should be able to strip and deliver clean by Friday.
      • Tampa-


      • With shift of storm impact will be a little less, terminal is closed and looks like Friday before they will be able to get back open. Employees have almost all evacuated so will depend on how fast we can get them back.


      If anything changes drastically I will update again, if not we will account for our employees after it passes through as well as assess any damages to property and equipment and advise at that time.

      Hurricane Ian made landfall this morning  in the SW part of FL.  By 1800 tonight, its supposed move over central FL with high winds and flooding and move NE towards Jacksonville by Friday morning.

      We are currently shut down running in and out of FL until the storm lets up. 402 and 653 have halted running the RV2, RV3, RG6 and RH5 meets between them and 754/423. We have also halted running to 730/r76. Those lanes have been storm coded in and out.