Below is a communication from YRC regarding the recent changes to Walmart’s On Time in Full program:

As a valued Partner with Walmart and your company I wanted to make sure you had this important update from Walmart and suggested action plans to help make sure we are meeting the service standards for your customer.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us as we are here to help support these changes in order for everyone to be successful and keep our partnerships with the Walmart Company.  Have a great day.

Walmart announced significant changes to their On Time In Full program yesterday 9/1/20. The basic change here is prepaid suppliers now need to meet a 98% On Time goal to the 2 day window for replenishment orders to the Walmart and DC’s. This starts with purchase orders that have a Must Arrive By Date of 9/15/20 so essentially starts with shipments that need to ship now. Below are some key items to discuss with prepaid suppliers using YRC Worldwide companies for replenishment shipments to Walmart and DC’s:

If using YRC Freight, Time Critical Window (TCSW) is the BEST option to hit 98% on time. We also recommend having them do the following:

  • Ship so that our e-time service standard due date is 1 workday prior to the window open date
  • Show the TC Window date as day 1 of the 2 day window (window open date)
  • Suppliers that elect to continue to use Guaranteed Window with YRC Freight or currently use this service with Holland, Reddaway and New Penn should have our service date at least 1 workday prior to the window open date. It is preferable to have our service date 2 workdays prior if supplier lead time allows for this.
  • Review the days of week your suppliers have for the 2 day window. With this change we need the 2 day window to span 2 workdays to allow us options for delivery. Windows should NOT include Sat or Sun. 2 day windows should fall on Mon\Tue, Tue\Wed, Wed\Thu, Thu\Fri. Suppliers will need to change lead times with Walmart to accomplish this (if needed).