Please see below weekly updates from Yellow:

Good Morning!  Here are our Monday morning updates.  Please read all the way through to see note on Tampa:

YRC/New Penn:

Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Portland, and St Paul will be backed up most likely until after Labor Day.  They are over 200+ trailers deep.

Charlotte, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Atlanta and St Louis are going to be challenged all week long.  They are 100+ trailers deep.

Dallas, Maybrook, Indy, Columbus and Oklahoma City are about 3-4 days behind.

As a whole in the YRC/New Penn portfolio, we reduced our backlog by over 7000 bills this past week!  We also have 244 less trailers waiting to be worked.  Progress!

You can expect delays in processing thru-freight in Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Portland, Bolingbrook, St Paul, Hagerstown, Little Rock, St Louis and Dallas.

Positive Notes:

*Next-Day lanes are improving in service to 87%

*Holland is operating 99.8% on-time with Guaranteed service

*Reddaway is operating 91.2% on-time with Guaranteed service

We have experienced a Covid outbreak in Tampa.  Please note, that affects 44 lanes in and out of Tampa.  These lanes are coded with “Act of God” delays.