The following is being communicated from Southeastern Freight Lines:

Please see below and carefully read Southeastern Freight Lines update regarding Maximum Liability.

Our company will be making a standardized adjustment for our 3PL partners, blanket pricing and Customer Specific Pricing (CSP), to the same maximum liability terms. The primary reason for this adjustment is the max liability terms (in the 3PL arena) vary tremendously across the board and, in many cases, exceeds our maximum liability terms within our SEFL 1090 rules.

Our SEFL 1090 terms of liability will offer a maximum of $10 per lb. and no more than $100,000 per shipment. These rules will be subject to Actual or FAK class value per lb. In regards to specific commodities, some categorical articles will be added going forward. Please see the above attachments for reference, which detail the terms and conditions for max liability within the SEFL 1090.

To ease this process and to keep within the anniversary date, customers with specific pricing (CSP’s) will be reviewed in accordance to their anniversary date and the max liability terms will be incorporated within their proposals. For customers following the Blanket Pricing Program, the new max liability terms will be effective on 10/4/2021