Below is a weather alert from SEFL:

Good afternoon,


As many of you are aware, last week (2/15 – 2/19) our Service Centers across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and even Alabama were significantly impacted by the severe Winter Storm that hit the Midwest.  Service Centers had to be closed and freight destined to these areas had to be embargoed.  This was the most impactful weather event our company has experienced.


Effective today, we have lifted the embargo on all zip code areas within our network .  However, it is important to know we are now in recovery mode and working diligently to support a high demand for capacity across our system.  At present, we are experiencing a severe backlog of volume in many service center areas impacted by the winter weather.  Our folks in the field are addressing this challenge, where in the next several days we will be putting a tremendous amount of focus on deliveries in an effort to “free up” equipment.  This will most likely create some pickup challenges over the next several days, until we are current with the inbound workload (deliveries).


We realize the past week has been extremely challenging, and with that we are extremely grateful for your continued support.


Please let your respective teams know that there may be some service disruptions in the short-term, and we respectfully ask for your continued patience.


Thank you