Please see below update from Saia on the current weather situation:

Dear Customer:I want to take this opportunity to provide one final update to you on Saia’s operations after last week’s historical winter storm. It has been our goal throughout this unprecedented event to keep our customers informed on the actions we’ve taken to return to normal operations as conditions improved. As always, our first priority has been the safety of our employees and the motoring public. Fortunately, and through the hard work of our field and linehaul operations, we have been able to alleviate congestion in our operations by doing the following:

Focusing on deliveries and our linehaul operations to create capacity for pickupsExecuting a linehaul and dock operation last weekend to bring more fluidity to our network. In fact, our linehaul operation ran over one million miles this past weekend to reset the network

Concentrating on local inventories to assist challenged terminals and using purchased transportation, when and where necessary Yesterday, as promised, we deployed a significant city operation in all impacted areas to get freight delivered and picked up. We also will continue to focus on our linehaul operations this week to bring ongoing movement and capacity to our network. Because of these actions, I am happy to report that we’ve lifted all embargoes. With that said, we are seeing high demand from customers requesting above-normal drop trailer requests for pickups. In some situations, we may be required to limit the number of trailer requests. We’re asking for your support as we work together to keep the system clear so that we can provide consistent on-time service, which we know is most important to you and your customers. In closing, we sincerely appreciate your support as we work to provide timely updates on our ongoing efforts in providing our customers with service levels you’ve come to expect. We are extremely proud of our employees and their dedication to our customers, even as so many of them dealt with their own personal challenges related to the storm. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please reach out to your Saia sales contact or call customer service at 1-800-765-7242.

Thank you,

Ray Ramu

Executive Vice President and CCO