The following message is being communicated from Saia:

Freight flow and cycle times have not returned to normal

There are terminals that continue to have excessive inbound inventory.  They are focused on becoming current.

The larger terminals will be working the entire weekend to process the IB and position it for delivery on Monday.

They will not be doing any local pickup and delivery… as all power assets will once again be dedicated to a linehaul operation.

Smaller terminals will be working part of the weekend to process the IB and position if for early starts on Monday— to maximize delivery productivity.

We continue to manage the volume of freight that we are allowing on the truckline.  That means we are limiting pickups and limiting the size of pickups.

The strategy we have developed will not work if we arbitrarily take every piece of freight available and “clog” everything back up again.

We are coming out of it…and we are coming out of it quicker than many thought.

But, we are coming out of it because we are deliberate about what and how we are managing our business.  We are sharing the capacity among all of our customers (how many times have you heard me saying that)?

Please understand that we are not about turning down revenue, especially in a short month that has proven to have extraordinary costs.

But, we must in order to get the Value Prop back to what you expect.

We thank you for your part in contributing to our continued recovery.  We understand that you are in a tough position as well…  as you need to move your business.

The progress we made last weekend was amazing.

We are set to do the same this weekend.

Thanks in advance for your understanding…  and have a great weekend