The following message is being communicated from our Saia rep:

Happy Friday

Inventories are decreasing to a robust end of the month level (which means they are still elevated)

At this point, we have a record amount of local drivers who have volunteered to run linehaul over the weekend.  While we have to be cognizant of HOS, we are throwing every asset we have at accelerating the recovery.

Process remains the same.  Smaller terminals are not working all weekend but instead are starting to process their IB earlier on Sunday night.  As I have mentioned in the past, this allows us get a real jump on it and stay out in front of the P&D cycle to start eh week.  This is critical …as Mondays generally drive your week.

Fontana and Chicago are working this weekend.  They will be pushing out a significant amount of freight to free up equipment going into next week– thus improving their local capabilities.

As you can see, the plan is not as complex as in the past.  That reflects the fact that things are improving.  There are still issues, and I suspect there will be some remaining into next week.  But there are less and less every day.

We continue to recover with panache…thanks to your cooperation.

Have a great weekend and stay saf