Please see below Hurricane Ida updates from Saia:

New Orleans as a city is going to be without power for days if not weeks.  News is reporting all of the power transformers in the city are down.  Lots of roof damage throughout the city and as the sun comes up we will have a much better idea.


Baton Rouge has power outages as well do not know the extent as most of that happened after dark. 


Houma has no power as well


Lafayette should be fine, and once they are allowed to go to work they can and will after Curfew. 


As light comes up and our folks can move about we will be able to determine much more. 



New Oleans        CLOSED Monday and tuesday

Baton Rouge       CLOSED Monday and Tuesday

Houma                 CLOSED  Monday and Tuesday

              Lafayette              Limited


Operational Impact:


Gulf Port             closed

Hattiesburg        closed

Jackson              closed (UPDATE)