Please see below Hurricane Ida updates from our Saia rep:


Thank you for your outreach regarding our operations in Louisiana. Your support is truly appreciated. At this time, we would like to provide a new update on our operations with regard to our facilities impacted by Hurricane Ida. We are making progress with either bringing these terminals back online or adjusting our operations so we can continue to provide service for our customers. The following information is current as of 9/9/21:



Terminal Status Comments
Baton Rouge, LA Open The terminal is open and fully operational.
Houma, LA Closed At this time, the terminal remains closed; however, next week, we will provide service for this area through our Lafayette, LA facility.
New Orleans, LA Very Limited While service is currently very limited, we are planning to be operational next week depending on staffing levels and customer needs.



As previously communicated, we will continue to re-route freight shipping to and from Houma and New Orleans, LA depending on operational needs and customer availability, scheduling, and other considerations such as accessibility, storm damage and more.


Again, we appreciate your concern and interest. Our thanks to all those who have reached out asking about our employees and if they can offer any type of assistance. We will continue to provide updates on our operations at these facilities as it becomes available.


Please reach out to me for any additional questions or solutions that we can provide