Please see below Hurricane Ida updates from our Saia rep:

Baton Rouge is up and fully operational. 


New Orleans is very very limited at best.  Able to get in and out of the terminal.  Dock is functional.  As more folks return home the more functional they will become.  Would not run any break into NOL at this time.  Proper only.  And even that is limited as much of the city remains with no power.


Houma –  the building is unsafe to work in and is in need of some repair before we would be able to return to work there.  Plan will be to work and operate out of Lafayette until such time that we can return to work out of the building.  Much of Houma is shut down. 


There are 8 doors on the HMA dock that are good to work out of rain or shine, but not until they make some repairs on the building.