The following is a communication from SAIA regarding Puerto Rico shipments:

Please be aware that Puerto Rico has ordered all nonessential businesses and governmental offices to close and

instituted a curfew March 15-30, 2020 in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The only businesses allowed to operate during this time period are essentially those in the food retail,

pharmaceutical or medical industries.

Crowley, our ocean partner providing steamship service to and from Puerto Rico, has stated that as of now, cargo is

being cleared by government agencies in Puerto Rico and representatives are available for cargo inspection,

clearance and release. The only exception to this is the clearance of vehicles, breakbulk and NIT, or not-in-trailer,

cargo. However, be aware, just because freight can be cleared, doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to deliver it.

With this being said, Saia will continue sailing to Puerto Rico via our steamship service every Tuesday and Friday.

We will continue to deliver to businesses capable of receiving shipments per government guidelines.

Undeliverable freight will be held at our terminal upon its arrival in Puerto Rico until the restrictions are lifted or

additional businesses are allowed to receive shipments.