Please see below from our Roadrunner rep regarding changes to the rules tariff effective 8/15/21:

Good Afternoon,

The Roadrunner Freight new rules tariff will go into effect August 15th with updates to the following item numbers. Full tariff available for download on the Roadrunner Freight website.

Item 568 Hazardous Materials

               Removed charge and added “Service not available”  Roadrunner will stop handling all quantities of hazardous materials on August 15, 2021 and any shipments mistakenly picked up after 8-14-21 will be returned to the shipper on the next business day.

Item 752 First or Final Mile Pick Up or Delivery

               Removed charge and added call for quote verbiage

Item 891 Roadrunner Guarantee

               Removed charge and added “Service not available”

Item 892 Volume Spot Quotes

Changed “Inaccurate Quote Parameters” rerate provisions and added VSQ accessorial fees