Hello, below was sent by YRC regarding changes to Reddaway PRO#s beginning in July:

Beginning in July, Reddaway employees and customers will see a major change in the Reddaway PRO numbers as part of the One Operating Platform (OOP) initiative, which will establish a single set of systems and tools across all Brands.

To support the new PRO logic, changes the FMS / AS400 will deploy May 23 in preparation for supporting the new PRO logic and the new PRO Booklets. For an interim time between July and September, both PRO logics can be used.

New PRO booklets will be sent to every terminal with Reddaway’s new PRO logic early July.  Below explains the changes you will see:

New logic is a 9-digit PRO with a check digit 0 through 9 or X

Matches the logic used by YRC Freight and New Penn

PRO booklets will no longer be terminal-specific

Your OOP Terminal # will be printed vertically on the PRO label

Terminals will switch all current PRO booklets to the new booklets.  Additionally, customers who currently use PRO books will need them switched out.