The Following Message is Being Communicated by Old Dominion:

There are orders in place to close non-essential businesses in the states of CA and PA.


If our customers are open, we will make deliveries and pickups.

If our customers are closed, we cannot make deliveries or pickups.

Every OD service center in these states are open and operating.

  • We are currently calling all customers in these two states who have freight in our network today to see if they are open. This is tedious but it is the only way to limit the cost of moving freight to a consignee who is closed. Keep in mind that this is an evolving crisis and changes daily and hourly.
  • Multiple points in the San Francisco Bay area of California are currently observing a “Shelter in Place” order due to COVID-19.  Consequently, our research indicates that only a small percentage of the businesses in these areas are open and receiving shipments.

Unlike many other carriers, we have not embargoed shipments to or from these areas nor do we have plans to do so.  However, in an effort to avoid placing shipments on hand and before tendering them to us, we respectfully request that you confirm with your customers that they are open and receiving shipments.

We will deliver to EVERY customer that is open for business and receiving shipments.  

We are fully operational and ready to serve, please let us know how we can best meet your requirements.