Below is an alert from ODFL regarding restrictions to their 699 volume service:

UPDATED 3/1/21:

Per Old Dominion:

“Please note that 699 volume restrictions will remain in place until further notice.  Shipments greater than 10’ and/or 16,000 lbs. must be rated as LTL.

The network is still very heavy as we work to deliver the end of month volumes, there may be some limitations at some service centers. As I hear of any I will let you know.”

We are expecting a very heavy week to finish off February. The priority, as always, will be to meet our commitments on LTL cargo.  With that in mind, we will restrict any 699 volume rated spot quotes over 10 feet and/or 16,000 lbs for the balance of this week. 

Shipments rated as LTL will be allowed, but we must prevent large volume rated and TL type shipments from occupying our available LTL capacity.  Whenever industry capacity is tight,  we see shippers looking to tender us their TL and Rail shipments. If these type shipments show up on our dropped trailers they will be returned to shipper.