Below is a weather update from MME:


There will be just a couple of rain/snow shots moving around today otherwise we should see pretty good conditions. Some of the conditions may make roads a bit slick, but we are not anticipating any major delays because of today’s weather.  We did see a few delays this morning due to origin delayed departs last night, ongoing delays in the RKS (Rock Springs WY) market due to the COVID related staffing issues, and we have imposed a system wide origin terminal embargo on all p/u’s made for inbound RKS freight; the terminal is severely behind and we are in need of embargoing the freight to the terminal for the immediate future.  I will send updates as I have them.

We are good to p/u and move PFF shipments today. Temps are expected to drop well below freeze during the overnight hours across portions of the system.

Please see weather and delay details below.