See below for a message regarding weather delays from MME:

Good morning

Old man winter will drop in with some measurable snows over ND/SD/MN today. Other areas of the system may see some light mixtures of rain/snow, breezy conditions, and a little smoke. We may see some mild delays during times of heavier snow, but not seeing any major delays associated with today’s weather. We will keep an eye on the roads and insure field staff are staying safe as things could get a little greasy and sloppy with the precipitation mix we are expected to encounter. There were also a few scattered delays reported this morning from last night, and we do still have a system wide and until further notice embargo on picking up any directly serviced inbound CO points. See weather and delay details below.

We are good to pick up and move PFF shipments today. Temps are expected to drop below freeze during the overnight hours across portions of the system, so we will be sure and check our overnight low temps, and that we are protecting our customers freight accordingly in those areas.