Below is a service update from Midwest Motor Express:

Good afternoon!
I wanted to let you know some things that are going to be happening at MME at the end of the month.  You may already know, but if not, feel free to ask me any further questions you may have.
As you may already know, MME was purchased last year by the Knight Swift Corporation.  AAA Cooper was an existing part of the Knight Swift team, and being a fellow LTL carrier, it was decided to work in unison with them.  The goal is to build a team of LTL carriers that form a Nationwide coverage solution for our customers.
Since AAA Cooper (AACT) has superior technology, ours is being transformed over to their system.  We will both still be representing our own brands while working together. the cutover date is at the end of the month, on October 29th.
Part of our transition to AACT’s system will be that we are going to be using all new pro numbers.  All pro numbers/stickers you currently have will be no good as of 10/29/22.  We will need to get you set up with the new numbers.  Any shipments already in motion with us on 10/29/22 will be assigned the new pro numbers.  The new pro numbers will have check digits on them.
If you use E-pros, please let us know which account and the corresponding account number to assign them to.
If you use pro stickers, let us know that too, so we can get you new ones.
With the new pro numbers, they will work in both MIDW and AACT systems, and for shipments that both MIDW and AACT handle, the pros will remain the same throughout the whole movement through both carriers.
We will also be launching a new and improved website, which will include ActionTrac which is live tracking of your shipments.   There will be some other great changes to the website making it easier to maneuver.  I can’t wait to see it when it launches!
Everyone that uses EDI should have already received communications about the EDI updates.  Please let me know ASAP if your company has not heard from anyone about it!
We will also be updating our Rules Tariff effective 10/31/22.