Below is an update from our MME rep:

Good morning


We have run into a serious issue in our Cedar Rapids (CID) facility regarding the backlog of inbound business, and their ability to keep up with their inbound volume.


We have some staffing issues that will be resolved in short order, but we need some short term relief right now.  With this being said, we are going to embargo all inbound into CID to help that team get caught up and current.  We hope to have this resolved soon.   Currently, we are predicting it will be 2 -3 weeks.

This will not affect the outbound loads dropped into CID, as they will be processing their outbound as normal.


The attached zip codes are our CID terminal’s direct points for reference.  We are turning these points off in SMC Carrier Connect, so if you use SMC Carrier Connect, they should be already off.  if you do not use it, please turn them off temporarily on your end, until we lift the embargo.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but we want to do everything we can to get our service product back in line.


Thanks for your help and have a good day!