CarrierJuly 3rd StatusJuly 4th StatusNotes
FedEx FreightOpen/ ModifiedClosedPickup/Delivery as normal on 7/3. Linehaul delayed due to holiday
Sutton TransportClosedClosed
Dayton FreightOpenClosed
RIST TransportClosedClosed
Diamond Line Delivery OpenClosed
JP Express Service, Inc.OpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3
Fort TransportationOpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3
N&M TransferClosedClosed
Old DominionOpenClosed
Hercules Forwarding Inc.OpenClosed
A Duie PyleOpenClosed
Peninsula Truck LinesOpenClosed
Hollywood Delivery ServiceOpenClosed
Oak HarborOpenClosed
WardOpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3
Forward AirOpenClosed
ABFOpenClosedDistribution centers will operate on 7/4 as needed
Southwestern MotorOpenClosed
Performance FreightClosedClosed
Double D ExpressClosedClosed
Pitt OhioOpenClosed
Daylight TransportOpen, ModifiedClosedDaylight terminals will be open and making pick ups and deliveries on 7/3. Linehaul teams will be running on 7/3. 7/3 won't count as a service day.
GLSOpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3, but still making pick up and deliveries
RoadrunnerOpen, ModifiedClosedLighter schedule based on customer needs
Central TransportOpenClosed
ACI Motor FreightOpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3
R&LOpenClosedLimited crew in most areas on 7/3
Panama TransferOpenClosedLimited crew on 7/3
US Special DeliveryOpenClosed
AAA CooperOpenClosed
Midwest Motor ExpressOpenClosed
Dependable HighwayOpenClosed