Target Freight Management, Inc. (TFM), a leading freight logistics company founded in Pittsburgh, PA, is opening a brand new office in the heart of Tampa Bay, FL. The addition of the Tampa office brings Target Freight to six locations nationwide, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and with operations in Florida, Iowa, New York, North Carolina and Texas. TFM’s Tampa office also includes space for future expansion.

TFM considered several markets as possible locations for its new office before ultimately selecting Tampa Bay based on a variety of positive factors.

“We searched multiple markets and found Tampa to be the most plentiful in terms of potential employees who had the best mix of experience, talent, and a strong desire to work,” says Tim Carey, EVP of Strategy at Target Freight Management. “Some of our new Tampa Bay hires have previous experience in flatbed hauling or B2B sales, which is always helpful. But what really stood out to me was how quickly they developed a team mentality and a positive energy as they worked with our training team to help solve our clients’ ever-changing supply chain problems.”

TFM’s new Tampa Bay employees will augment the company’s real-time freight logistics, sales, and customer service efforts. With shipping costs and turnaround times for most U.S. freight on the rise due to a worldwide supply chain slowdown that largely stems from the COVID–19 pandemic, TFM’s Tampa Bay team will focus on finding new transportation solutions for shippers whose freight may be moving slowly through backlogged and understaffed U.S. ports.

“The supply chain problems that now affect every industry are unfortunately not going away anytime soon,” says Mike Wagner, the founder and CEO of Target Freight who has added a personal residence in the Tampa Bay area, additional to his hometown of Pittsburgh. “As a result, TFM is dedicated to investing in the right people and the right technology that enables us to solve supply chain problems on a real-time, shipment-by-shipment basis, so our clients’ business can keep moving forward.”