Please see below from Estes:


Due to projected impact from Hurricane Idalia, we will adjust our Linehaul and hub operation tonight as follows –

  • No Linehaul into or out of the state of Florida
    • We will run a small Linehaul operation in southern Florida in areas not affected by the storm
  • All Florida freight form Texas will continue to be held at origin due to operation constraints in Mobile, AL
  • In addition to the above, no Linehaul operations into/out of the following terminals
    • Savannah, GA
    • Albany, GA
    • Augusta, GA
    • Charleston, SC
    • Florence, SC
    • Columbia, SC
    • Wilmington, NC
  • Aberdeen hub will be closed and relocated to Charlotte.  Note –  Linehaul out of ABD will still run to areas not affected by storm, just the hub will be relocated to Charlotte.
  • Jacksonville hub closed

Here is the latest update on Terminal statuses in the Southeast Region:


Terminal Status Comments Date 8/30/2023
Tampa 048 Closed
Orlando 046 Closed
Jacksonville 045 closed
West Palm Beach 012 Open Full Staff- Delivering Clean
Miami 049 Open Full Staff-Delivering Clean
Ft Myers 107 Open Full Staff-Delivering Clean
Albany 042 Limited


We did not run any Linehaul in or out of Florida last night.  Depending on how quickly the storm moves, we will determine the LH plan for this evening later this afternoon.  Hurricane Idalia did make landfall this morning as a Cat 4 storm.  We currently have 65 drivers from the Southeast Region assisting in the State of Florida relief efforts.  Miami, Ft Myers, and West Palm Beach are open and delivering out everything they have in house and will be making pickups. Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville will not be operating today.  We will provide updates on any additional terminal closures as the storm moves to the north and east. We anticipate opening Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville tomorrow if the situation allows, depending on flooded areas and the extent of damages in those areas.  We will provide information as it becomes available.