Below is a message from Estes regarding closures due to winter weather:


Below are the changes to tonight’s operation:


  • Richmond, Pulaski and Wilmington hubs will be closed tonight.
  • No travel thru the state of VA after 2am in the morning due to freezing rain and icing
  • While we are not restricting travel there is winter weather in Oregon, Washington and in the mountains on I-80 between Sacramento and Reno which will restrict our travel in these areas.

As of now all other Linehaul operations are planned as normal for tonight.


We are still experiencing the ice storm in parts of the southwest region. Due to this we are changing tonight’s Linehaul plan as follows:

  • Fort Worth, TX hub closed
  • No travel through the state of Arkansas
  • No travel west or north out of Memphis
  • No travel between northern Texas and southern Texas
  • No travel west out of the Dallas, Ft Worth area, only north and east
  • San Antonio hub is open for the southern Texas terminals only