Folks, we have an update from Operations on how shipments will be affected due to this horrible mishap:

Operations has provided an update to the impact of the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse.

The update is below, as well as posted to our Service Advisory page on our website – – Feel free to direct customers to our service advisory page for the post up to date response.

Baltimore terminal (029) – The Maryland Department of Transportation has not lifted Hazardous Materials (HM) restrictions through the tunnels. As a result, we will need to reroute certain city trucks and may experience minor delays with HM shipments in the affected areas serviced over the bridge. Additionally, changes in traffic patterns may lead to localized congestion. That said, we aim to maintain as much continuity as possible.

Wilmington, DE terminal (027) – There are currently no discernible impacts on Pickup and Delivery operations. However, a few southbound line haul schedules involving HM will need to utilize alternate routes temporarily. Otherwise, operations in Wilmington remain unaffected.

Line haul from the Northeast to Southeast – Southbound line haul schedules with HM will need to adopt alternate routes temporarily to mitigate disruptions.

We are actively monitoring the situation and remain committed to minimizing service interruptions while ensuring the safety and efficiency of our operations. Further updates will be provided as the situation evolves.