Please see below from Estes regarding service:

SMC3 Carrier Connect data:

As you all know, a couple of weeks ago we tried to take all 100% agent zipcodes/points out of SMC3’s Carrier Connect tool.  Due to some difficulties SMC3 experienced, we agreed to add them back in showing a 99 day transit time.  We have resolved the issue with SMC3 and as of 9AM yesterday morning, 3500+ points are removed from Carrier Connect. This is intended to discourage users of this tool from giving us freight to these agent locations.

Also, as a result of Agent point costs continuing to rise, we will be increasing the Beyond fees to points in MT, WY and ID.  These changes are projected to be effective on 6/21/21.

Accuracy of PickUp requests:

We are seeing more occurrences of pickups where the request is for 3 pallets, for example, and upon arrival of our driver, we are tendered 10 pallets.  This process results in equipment issues, as we plan trailer space for the pickups on the route.  We would appreciate accurate information on your pickup requests.


We will be adding a new facility in Tupelo, MS beginning in July.