Please see below from Estes regarding service:

All, my apologies for confusion on our Portland, OR issues, this is an evolving situation.  Here is our current position:

  • Attached are the OR zip codes affected
  • This embargo applies only to our Transactional (GP) program, IB and OB from these OR zips
  • The cause of this disruption is an extreme volume of business and an outbreak of COVID affecting personnel
  • We are also seeing disruption in our Sacramento, CA location due to extreme volumes
  • Customer Specific (CSP) programs are not currently disrupted, though the terminals are behind by 1+ weeks in unloading trailers, and delays will result
  • Our hope is this is a short term disruption, as personnel have been sent to assist
  • We have also suspended, until further notice, Time Critical guarantees into shipments serviced by Portland, OR and Sacramento, CA