Estes has provided the below update. Restricted moves have been blocked in TFM’s rater.


Due to record snowfalls, we lost multiple delivery days in the state of Colorado and Wyoming. During that time, we continued to pick up a large volume of freight for both areas.  The volume is 32% higher than last year which adds to the backlog and forces us to take the following actions:

1)      We will limit pickups in the Denver area, allowing us to focus on delivering more hours in a day

2)      We will put more shipments out for delivery with earlier start times.

3)      We will pull only enough freight into Denver to balance their outbound.

4)      Any freight picked up in the system for the state of Colorado and Wyoming will be held at origin at least until Monday.

5)      Service commitments cannot be honored during this time.

Due to this situation and not being able to provide any sort of committed service level, we recommend an open, honest discussion with our customers to help manage expectations. Any shipments that they can divert or hold temporarily will be in their best interest.

We apologize for the necessity of these actions but for Estes to regain the ability to give the quality service our customers deserve, we must make up for the time lost due to the weather shutdowns.


Update on CO and WY Time Critical services:

This action will also apply to Time Critical Guaranteed Services.  This is necessary for the terminal ops to maximize their efforts to clear the back log .

As always, TC is treated with priority once the hold is lifted and will provide value for the additional cost to customers, but until further notice there is no guaranteed transit times inbound to CO or WY.

Time Critical Guaranteed Exclusive Use is available into CO as it does not move on the Estes Network.  Those rates are available on MyEstes using the Time Critical or VTL rate retrievers.  All Exclusive Use shipments MUST be booked through the Estes Solution Center.

Outbound Standard Transit Time Critical Guaranteed from CO/WY states is still available.