Please see below Hurricane Ida updates from our Daylight Transport rep:

Please note our local service center will have difficulty making deliveries and pickups today. Most areas surrounding had severe flooding last night and majority of the roads are impassable. That coupled with our team members dealing with flooding in their homes and cars will make things even more difficult. We will do our absolute best to get drivers out today, and service everyone’s needs.

If not, pickups from today will be moved to tomorrow, and we could see service impacts until after the holiday weekend.

Update 12:10pm EDT:

As an update on our operation today, we are very limited on drivers due to multiple flooded areas. Majority of pickups and deliveries will be moved to tomorrow, but we will do our best to get some today. Also, this could cause a domino effect of service issues over the next week, so please be prepared for some disruptions. As always, we will do our best to service all pickups and deliveries.