Below are the COVID-19 Updates we have received from national carriers today. We will be updating daily with any changes or new information provided to us by carriers. Clicking the carrier name will take you to their dedicated COVID-19 Update Page if available. Any new updates will be added as we received them. Please feel free to reach out to TFM with any questions or concerns.


Recent actions include:

  • At all of our locations, we have implemented screening procedures for visitors and are limiting entry to only necessary personnel.
  • We are instituting screening procedures with customers who have inside or residential deliveries.
  • We are modifying procedures and software to enable drivers to deliver freight without a customer handling their handheld device, and we have provided cleaning instructions for the handheld devices.

We understand shippers have concerns about service networks. While the full impact of the coronavirus is not yet determined, we are well positioned and prepared to aid you if you experience supply chain challenges or disruptions that develop because of the coronavirus.

Our locations across North America remain fully operational, and we have strategies in place to adjust operations if necessary to ensure service continues without interruption


The COVID-19 outbreak is already disrupting the global supply chain. While the situation continues to evolve, our network remains strong, and its size and agility will serve as assets for navigating the challenges ahead. Our engaged teams are closely monitoring the situation, and we have robust business continuity plans to assess and address vulnerabilities as they arise. If you have any questions regarding XPO’s plans or protocols, please contact your account representative.

We appreciate the trust you place in XPO Logistics to safely manage your transportation needs. We are committed to maintaining the service and reliability we provide our customers as they continue to fulfill orders and keep inventories flowing to families and communities throughout the glob


Are you seeing any service interruptions? Do you expect to?

At the current time, our daily operations have not been impacted.

Over the past 90 years, Estes has worked hard to build a nationwide network of drivers, facilities, and equipment for this very reason: to ensure that no matter the situation, we’d be able to meet our commitments to our customers without interruption. We are monitoring this situation closely, but are confident that our network and resources will continue to provide us with the flexibility we need to remain responsive to the needs of our customers during this uncertain time.

What is Estes doing to protect its employees, drivers, and customers?

At Estes, our top priority is the safety of our people and the people we serve.

We continue to share CDC guidance and best practices with our employees to prevent the spread of the virus, including thorough handwashing, the using of antibacterial products, and “social distancing.” We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitization protocols at all our facilities, have advised our employees to stay home should they feel ill, and are encouraging corporate staff to telecommute when possible.

Will Canada’s border restrictions impact Estes’ operations?
No, U.S. citizens and essential workers are exempt from Canada’s recent border restrictions. Because truck drivers are critical to maintaining Canada’s supply chain, they are considered essential workers and will face no restrictions at the border.

Is Final Mile residential (home) delivery impacted?

All Residential shipments should be delivered as scheduled, however, we are making a few changes to our service to reduce the risk of potential exposure to both our consignees and employees:

  • Our drivers will no longer secure a signature at the time of delivery. We are asking customers to complete the “No Signature Required” link on our website:
  • Our terminals and agents will continue to schedule appointments for delivery and will ask residential consignees to complete the “No Signature Required” form at this time, if they haven’t already
  • We are suspending Inside Delivery at a residence. We will continue delivering to the Front Door, First Dry Area or Inside the Garage of the Residence, when possible for the consignee, but are restricted from entering the home. This means all Threshold, Room of Choice and White Glove Services will be suspended until further notice

Note: We are still providing commercial inside delivery at this time.

We thank our residential customers for their flexibility as we work hard to mitigate risks while sustaining uninterrupted services.

What is Estes’ solution for customers signing delivery receipts?
Estes Final Mile deliveries will be processed as NSR or “No-Signature Required” in order to mitigate the risk of exposure for both our consignees and employees. This service is currently only available for residential deliveries through the use of the Estes Final Mile mobile application, but we are working to apply this NSR process for commercial deliveries, as well. In the meantime, our employees and drivers have been instructed on what steps to take to limit the risk of exposure. Additionally, they are being equipped with various forms of sanitization methods such as wipes and topical gels.

Will I receive an update if my shipment is turned away at a closed or embargoed location?
Should your shipment be turned away, it will be re-routed back to our terminal. From there, the terminal personnel will follow our standard refusal/on-hand process, working closely with your Account Manager to make sure you’re notified and a resolution is reached.

Will there be storage fees if the consignee is closed?
Yes. We will apply normal storage charges to your shipment as outlined in the Estes Rules Tariff. It will be the shipper’s responsibility to advise us how they’d like us to handle each one.

Who will incur the storage fee?
The Payor will be responsible for the storage fee.

What if my shipment has nowhere to go?
Our partners at Warehowz provide on-demand warehousing for shipments that have been turned away at closed or embargoed locations. Ask your Account Manager about whether this might be a good solution for you.

Is there a fee for a call ahead?
Yes. To schedule a call ahead, the paying party will incur an appointment fee, as outlined in the Accessorial section of the Estes Rules Tariff. Fees may be subject to the Payor’s pricing program.

Can I pick up my shipment at the terminal?
No. Unauthorized persons are not permitted on Estes property. Customers must make an appointment to secure a dock pickup.

Are you still able to provide service in Quarantine or Shelter in Place areas?
Yes. Right now, our San Francisco terminal is our only terminal under a “Shelter in Place” order, which applies only to non-essential business. Because trucking is critical to maintaining the supply chain, we are considered essential business, and are exempt from these restrictions


FedEx is posting all updated on their dedicated page, which can be found by clicking on the carrier name above. FedEx will also be posting all service alerts here.

Old Dominion:

OD will remain operational and has released a statement which can be found here.


Roadrunner is implementing the below policies and has a dedicated page which can be found by clicking on the carrier name above.

  • In the event that we have complications sending loads to ‘high risk’ areas, we have begun to look at other transportation modes (i.e., rail) to move freight.
  • We will handle school closures and the impact to our workforce as they occur to minimize impact to the business.
  • Through recommendations by the CDC, we will support social distancing by having members of our team work remote. Members of our team will continue to be available for questions or concerns through our normal phone lines and email.
  • We have restricted non-essential travel and non-essential visitors to our facilities.
  • We are developing a Self-Declaration form for drivers coming into our facilities to ensure we are not exposing our local teams to drivers that are high-risk due to exposure and existing illness.


SAIA will remain open and are implementing the below policies:

  • Drivers will wear disposable gloves during pickup and deliveries and will maintain 6 feet of separation from others.
  • We’re implementing delivery receipt policy changes such as “No Signature Required” to limit customer contact: oSaia drivers will sign for the customer receiving the freight by inputting their first and last name.*
  • If requested, we can stage freight on our trailers to allow for safe and quick customer unloading.
  • Drivers will no longer be required to enter terminals before their scheduled routes to minimize exposure to other team members.
  • With the exception of cleaning and vending companies, no outside entity will be allowed into Saia terminals.


UPS has been deemed by homeland security as a critical infrastructure partner.  UPS has advised that they business as usual with all businesses that are currently open.


YRC Companies:

YRC released a statement and outlined service changes to the San Francsico Bay Area

YRCW is committed to serving our current customers in these challenging times.  This is the best information we have at this time and please be aware it can and will change as we progress.

  • We will be metering freight into areas effected, which could cause some service delays.  To clarify, we will trap freight towards origin distribution centers to not overwhelm an effected terminal like San Francisco.
  • This event is an Act of God and reimbursements will not be issued on Guaranteed or Time Critical Freight.
  • Please ensure your clients are not sending freight to closed consignees.
    • This will choke our network.
    • Accessorial like storage, reconsignment, redelivery, etc. will apply.
    • Once freight is on handed to storage, liability will be reduced to that of a warehouseman.

Is YRCW impacted by any of the business and travel restrictions being imposed by various states?

  • We are aware several states, counties, cities and other localities are establishing quarantines, curfews and other prohibitions. We have reviewed the first group of these restrictions and, typically, they do not cover the movement of interstate freight or interfere with our local freight operations. As a coast-to-coast interstate carrier, we have asked the United States Department of Transportation to monitor these restrictions and, if appropriate, take action to ensure there are no impediments to interstate commerc