Below are the COVID-19 updates we have received from national carriers today. We will be updating daily with any changes or new information provided to us by carriers. Clicking the carrier name will take you to their dedicated COVID-19 Update Page if available. Any new updates will be added as we received them. Please feel free to reach out to TFM with any questions or concerns.


Update 8/11:

pickups for freight destined to these locations will be suspended through Wednesday, August 12:

  • California – San Bernardino
  • Colorado – Denver
  • Georgia – Atlanta, Norcross
  • Utah – Salt Lake City

Please know that we are committed to providing reliable service levels and all our employees are working together to deliver for you consistently every day. We will resume normal operations at these locations on Thursday, August 13.

Update 4/8:

The Good Friday holiday on April 10 will limit operations. In addition to linehaul being closed, there are other limitations.

All locations in the US will run limited operations:

  • Pickup and delivery service will be available, but may be limited in some areas.
  • No daytime or nighttime linehaul operations – Shipments picked up on April 10 will be held until normal operations resume on Monday, April 13.
  • Transit times have been adjusted accordingly.

Canada and Puerto Rico – All service centers will be closed for the holiday.

COVID Update 3/16:

The COVID-19 outbreak is already disrupting the global supply chain. While the situation continues to evolve, our network remains strong, and its size and agility will serve as assets for navigating the challenges ahead. Our engaged teams are closely monitoring the situation, and we have robust business continuity plans to assess and address vulnerabilities as they arise. If you have any questions regarding XPO’s plans or protocols, please contact your account representative.

We appreciate the trust you place in XPO Logistics to safely manage your transportation needs. We are committed to maintaining the service and reliability we provide our customers as they continue to fulfill orders and keep inventories flowing to families and communities throughout the globe

YRC Companies:

Update 8/10:

Due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, effective 8/10/20, overlength (or length of longest article) shipments are limited to less than 12 linear ft.

Update 3/26:

YRC is suspending reimbursement for Time-Critical/Guaranteed shipments that do not deliver on time. Freight will continue to move through their network in the same manner, but reimbursement is temporarily suspended.

YRC Daily statement 3/24:

  • Key to our success is communication– we need to let each other know when things change within our organizations and where those changes are happening
  1. YRCW is operating as normal but a few things to keep in mind is that we are looking at key essential industries to make sure the freight is moving to places such as grocery stores, medical industries etc. so we ask you to help support those as well and ask them to put a guarantee or time critical option on these shipments to expedite through our company!
  2. Open/Closed Business- We need to know what businesses are closed in order not to deliver freight, but it is also important to help avoid storage and redelivery charges for your customers if they try to move the freight as these will be applied
  3. Canada Cross Border:

We continue to handle it!

You may have heard of border crossing changes to/from Canada.  Our border manager has verified this will not impact our drivers moving freight across border north or south.

  1. Mexico Services are up and operational as well. We implemented new and improved rate structures as of 3-20-20 and if you have freight that needs to move to and from Mexico and have questions please email them to me, so I can get you the answers and support needed asap.
  2. Residential Direct and Project Management Resources: We are seeing an increase around these services due to businesses closing and customers needing to have items shipped to their homes or stores that are essential needing immediate projects/end caps/ displays refilled.  So, if you are hearing of these opportunities have your teams email me and we can quote and set up these within 24 hours to accommodate their needs.

Our drivers and YRCW teams are here doing the best we can to move the freight across the country!  We are here for you and your customers so please use our companies and ask if there are any specific requests.

YRC released a statement and outlined service changes to the San Francsico Bay Area on 3/23:

YRCW is committed to serving our current customers in these challenging times.  This is the best information we have at this time and please be aware it can and will change as we progress.

  • We will be metering freight into areas effected, which could cause some service delays.  To clarify, we will trap freight towards origin distribution centers to not overwhelm an effected terminal like San Francisco.
  • This event is an Act of God and reimbursements will not be issued on Guaranteed or Time Critical Freight.
  • Please ensure your clients are not sending freight to closed consignees.
    • This will choke our network.
    • Accessorial like storage, reconsignment, redelivery, etc. will apply.
    • Once freight is on handed to storage, liability will be reduced to that of a warehouseman.

Is YRCW impacted by any of the business and travel restrictions being imposed by various states?

  • We are aware several states, counties, cities and other localities are establishing quarantines, curfews and other prohibitions. We have reviewed the first group of these restrictions and, typically, they do not cover the movement of interstate freight or interfere with our local freight operations. As a coast-to-coast interstate carrier, we have asked the United States Department of Transportation to monitor these restrictions and, if appropriate, take action to ensure there are no impediments to interstate commerce

Dayton Freight:

COVID response:

Dayton Freight is Open and Operating!

Certain States in the Dayton Freight coverage area have announced restrictions for non-essential, non-life sustaining businesses. Dayton Freight is considered to be an essential, life sustaining business. Therefore, we will pick up and deliver shipments in all areas of our 59 Service Centers throughout our core 14 states.

The states currently effected include: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana and parts of Missouri.

What Should Shippers Do?

Our goal is keep the supply chain moving and to assist you with all your shipping needs. In order to do this, we ask that you honor the following

  • Please call the consignee before scheduling a shipment with us to make sure they are open. This is very important and will help operations continue to run smoothly.
  • If we cannot deliver due to the consignee being closed, we will have to return your shipment and a charge will occur.
  • Due to our capacity limitations, we cannot store freight until the ban is lifted. It’s very important that the shipper is aware of this restraint.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Southeastern Freight Lines:

Update 4/2:

SEFL still running their day and noon guaranteed service program at this time. As carriers discontinue guaranteed service, SEFL will continue to handle your “hot” shipments.

Update 3/30:

Please click on carrier name for latest release from SEFL’s President.


Update 3/31:

Estes has added the below item to their rules tariff for the duration of the COVID pandemic:



  1. “Social distancing” is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. Staying at least six feet away from other people lessens your chances of catching COVID-19. In order to comply with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy guidelines regarding “Social Distancing” and to protect Shippers, Consignees, Employees and others from potential exposure to the coronavirus during the COVID-19 emergency, Carrier will not require signed delivery receipts. Instead, drivers will be logging the date and time of the delivery, the place of delivery, the name of the individual who received the shipment, and will also be taking a photograph of the delivered shipment which includes a date and time stamp as proof of delivery. These procedures will also apply to Item 535.

Estes Statement 3/26:

Given our current national circumstances, you may have customers with time sensitive shipments.  Estes Express, a FEMA affiliated carrier, is operating at 100% of operations at present, and providing service to the best of our abilities.  We understand consignees are closed in some cases, and have put processes in place to notify and handle.  We also have implemented procedures to insure safety and social distancing among our drivers with the consignees, as well as internally among our personnel.  We have significantly increased our sanitation processes and frequency at our facilities.

Most importantly, we’re here to assist.  Please let us know how we can help, and we will do our best to deliver the services and reliability you have come to expect from Estes.

Estes FAQs:

Are you seeing any service interruptions? Do you expect to?

At the current time, our daily operations have not been impacted.

Over the past 90 years, Estes has worked hard to build a nationwide network of drivers, facilities, and equipment for this very reason: to ensure that no matter the situation, we’d be able to meet our commitments to our customers without interruption. We are monitoring this situation closely, but are confident that our network and resources will continue to provide us with the flexibility we need to remain responsive to the needs of our customers during this uncertain time.

What is Estes doing to protect its employees, drivers, and customers?

At Estes, our top priority is the safety of our people and the people we serve.

We continue to share CDC guidance and best practices with our employees to prevent the spread of the virus, including thorough handwashing, the using of antibacterial products, and “social distancing.” We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitization protocols at all our facilities, have advised our employees to stay home should they feel ill, and are encouraging corporate staff to telecommute when possible.

Will Canada’s border restrictions impact Estes’ operations?
No, U.S. citizens and essential workers are exempt from Canada’s recent border restrictions. Because truck drivers are critical to maintaining Canada’s supply chain, they are considered essential workers and will face no restrictions at the border.

Is Final Mile residential (home) delivery impacted?

All Residential shipments should be delivered as scheduled, however, we are making a few changes to our service to reduce the risk of potential exposure to both our consignees and employees:

  • Our drivers will no longer secure a signature at the time of delivery. We are asking customers to complete the “No Signature Required” link on our website:
  • Our terminals and agents will continue to schedule appointments for delivery and will ask residential consignees to complete the “No Signature Required” form at this time, if they haven’t already
  • We are suspending Inside Delivery at a residence. We will continue delivering to the Front Door, First Dry Area or Inside the Garage of the Residence, when possible for the consignee, but are restricted from entering the home. This means all Threshold, Room of Choice and White Glove Services will be suspended until further notice

Note: We are still providing commercial inside delivery at this time.

We thank our residential customers for their flexibility as we work hard to mitigate risks while sustaining uninterrupted services.

What is Estes’ solution for customers signing delivery receipts?
Estes Final Mile deliveries will be processed as NSR or “No-Signature Required” in order to mitigate the risk of exposure for both our consignees and employees. This service is currently only available for residential deliveries through the use of the Estes Final Mile mobile application, but we are working to apply this NSR process for commercial deliveries, as well. In the meantime, our employees and drivers have been instructed on what steps to take to limit the risk of exposure. Additionally, they are being equipped with various forms of sanitization methods such as wipes and topical gels.

Will I receive an update if my shipment is turned away at a closed or embargoed location?
Should your shipment be turned away, it will be re-routed back to our terminal. From there, the terminal personnel will follow our standard refusal/on-hand process, working closely with your Account Manager to make sure you’re notified and a resolution is reached.

Will there be storage fees if the consignee is closed?
Yes. We will apply normal storage charges to your shipment as outlined in the Estes Rules Tariff. It will be the shipper’s responsibility to advise us how they’d like us to handle each one.

Who will incur the storage fee?
The Payor will be responsible for the storage fee.

What if my shipment has nowhere to go?
Our partners at Warehowz provide on-demand warehousing for shipments that have been turned away at closed or embargoed locations. Ask your Account Manager about whether this might be a good solution for you.

Is there a fee for a call ahead?
Yes. To schedule a call ahead, the paying party will incur an appointment fee, as outlined in the Accessorial section of the Estes Rules Tariff. Fees may be subject to the Payor’s pricing program.

Can I pick up my shipment at the terminal?
No. Unauthorized persons are not permitted on Estes property. Customers must make an appointment to secure a dock pickup.

Are you still able to provide service in Quarantine or Shelter in Place areas?
Yes. Right now, our San Francisco terminal is our only terminal under a “Shelter in Place” order, which applies only to non-essential business. Because trucking is critical to maintaining the supply chain, we are considered essential business, and are exempt from these restrictions


Update 3/26/20:

UPS has suspended their Guaranteed service.  If Guarantee is listed on a BOL, UPS will not charge for it and it will move at standard transit.

If there is an urgent shipment with UPS, please contact TFM as well as and they will monitor it throughout the shipping process.

Update 3/24/20:

UPS has been deemed by homeland security as a critical infrastructure partner.  UPS has advised that they business as usual with all businesses that are currently open.


Old Dominion:

Old Dominion released an update on 3/26:

 OD Operations Status Update for Thursday, 03/26/2020:

As of 10:30AM EST, OD’s 237 Service Centers are operating at 100% and are in the Green. There are no reported issues anywhere in our system at this time….I want to give you all a few Updates as of today as within the operation from our Senior Management team:


  • Every OD Service Center and every OD Shop is 100% fully operational.
  • We have customers who are closed across the network but we are working diligently to deliver or return these shipments. The hardest hit areas for closures has been in Northern CA,  the NY/NJ Metro area, and up into New England. This has been very challenging for our SCs in these areas.
  • We continue to see “Shelter in Place” orders daily and in every part of the country. We are making adjustments accordingly.
  • Many of our service centers have been preparing a sanitizing kit for our drivers so they can wipe down and sanitize the inside of the tractor before each dispatch. This has been very well received from our drivers.
  • We are reinforcing and ensuring that our cleaning crews are sanitizing high traffic and touch areas. .
  • We have increased the inventory of high use parts by 10%-20% in our shops. This was done because some of our suppliers have been downsizing their operations and we did not want to get caught without parts to repair equipment. Bottom line, we have strong plans in place to make sure all of our 47,000 OD Assets are well maintained and rolling to support all of our customers.
  • OD continues to supply America with food, hospital supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. We are vital to keeping America alive. Thank You to all our Drivers, Dock Personal, Dispatch, Office Personal, managers, etc…….America is depending on us for their families and their customers……
  • Some of you may not realize this, but we are closing in on the end of the month, end of quarter. Feel confident, OD is here to support your supply chains, to your customers, ensuring your product is delivered on-time, and damage free……We are the Best In Class LTL Carrier in the Industry and will not let you down…..Ship with Peace of Mind and Confidence, ship it OD!


Recent actions include:

  • At all of our locations, we have implemented screening procedures for visitors and are limiting entry to only necessary personnel.
  • We are instituting screening procedures with customers who have inside or residential deliveries.
  • We are modifying procedures and software to enable drivers to deliver freight without a customer handling their handheld device, and we have provided cleaning instructions for the handheld devices.

We understand shippers have concerns about service networks. While the full impact of the coronavirus is not yet determined, we are well positioned and prepared to aid you if you experience supply chain challenges or disruptions that develop because of the coronavirus.

Our locations across North America remain fully operational, and we have strategies in place to adjust operations if necessary to ensure service continues without interruption


FedEx is posting all updated on their dedicated page, which can be found by clicking on the carrier name above. FedEx will also be posting all service alerts here.


Roadrunner is implementing the below policies and has a dedicated page which can be found by clicking on the carrier name above.

  • In the event that we have complications sending loads to ‘high risk’ areas, we have begun to look at other transportation modes (i.e., rail) to move freight.
  • We will handle school closures and the impact to our workforce as they occur to minimize impact to the business.
  • Through recommendations by the CDC, we will support social distancing by having members of our team work remote. Members of our team will continue to be available for questions or concerns through our normal phone lines and email.
  • We have restricted non-essential travel and non-essential visitors to our facilities.
  • We are developing a Self-Declaration form for drivers coming into our facilities to ensure we are not exposing our local teams to drivers that are high-risk due to exposure and existing illness.


Update 4/8:

Operations will be limited on Good Friday. There will be no linehaul on Friday night. All transit times will be bumped by one day. Pickup/ Delivery service will be performed as normal.

Update 3/26:

Saia continues to offer Guarantee Service. Rates for these services can be found here.

Update 3/24:

SAIA will remain open and are implementing the below policies:

  • Drivers will wear disposable gloves during pickup and deliveries and will maintain 6 feet of separation from others.
  • We’re implementing delivery receipt policy changes such as “No Signature Required” to limit customer contact: oSaia drivers will sign for the customer receiving the freight by inputting their first and last name.*
  • If requested, we can stage freight on our trailers to allow for safe and quick customer unloading.
  • Drivers will no longer be required to enter terminals before their scheduled routes to minimize exposure to other team members.
  • With the exception of cleaning and vending companies, no outside entity will be allowed into Saia terminals.

Dohrn Transfer:

We are here to help

  • Our operations team is running linehauls in every service lane. Pick up and delivery work will be performed in accordance with state and local regulations.
  • Our customer service team is available and ready to help you.
  • Remember to use our website or to reach customer service via email at for the quickest response.

In an effort to assure that our drivers and customers are safe Dohrn will implement the following delivery procedures across our LTL delivery network effective March 17, 2020.

  • Dohrn will not perform any inside deliveries until further notice.
  • Drivers will maintain the practice of “Social Distancing” which is to stand 6-10 feet away from customers.
  • In adherence to the “Social Distancing” policy, drivers will not be obtaining signatures from consignees. Drivers will record the exact time, note any exceptions and obtain the name of the person who is accepting the freight.

As we continue to stay on top of events locally and around the nation, please know that we recognize the important role and responsibility Dohrn has across our communities. Throughout our history, Dohrn has held a strong reputation for safety.  We’re doing all that we can to make sure our terminals are open, our drivers are there for you and our customer service team is staffed.  We value your business and want to reassure you that you can count on us during these challenging times.

Pitt Ohio:

PITT OHIO continues to update our procedures as the coronavirus spreads across our service area. We are closely monitoring the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and we are taking a number of precautionary measures for the health and safety of our customers and employees.  Our goal is to do everything we can to help keep our people safe so that we can meet the ongoing needs of our customers.

In an effort to assure that our drivers and customers are safe PITT OHIO will implement the following delivery procedures across our LTL delivery network effective March 17, 2020.

– PITT OHIO will not perform any inside deliveries until further notice.
– Drivers will maintain the practice of “Social Distancing” which is to stand 6-10 feet away from customers.
– In adherence to the “Social Distancing” policy, drivers will not be obtaining signatures from consignees.
Drivers will record the exact time, note any exceptions and obtain the name of the person who is accepting the freight.

Standard Forwarding:

We are fully committed to running full operations, however; we will be managing our local operations subject to the following COVID-19 Response and Control Flow Chart. We do have contingency network plans designed to react to confirmed cases at terminal locations. The goal of the contingency plan is to ensure business continuity with a primary focus on making sure no freight is stranded in a quarantined environment. Rest assured, as always DHL Freight / Standard Forwarding will pro-actively communicate any and all incidents which may impact our service and/or notify any customers that have been serviced by a driver within the last 14 days who is subject to self quarantine because either he or she tested positive for COVID-19 virus or has been in close contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 virus. All questions to be directed to – Director Safety –


YRCW conducts daily leadership meetings and continues to review established contingency and emergency preparedness plans to prioritize the health and safety of all employees and to maintain customer service.

  • Currently, there are no COVID-19-related delays or disruptions across our freight network. YRCW’s role in the North American supply chain is critical, especially now. We remain dedicated to servicing our customers and keeping essential freight and medical supplies moving across North America. YRCW is prepared to support any freight shipment or network disruption challenge, especially where we can assist in transporting critical supplies to customers.
  • We continue closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and news to address questions/concerns and to plan accordingly from a business continuity standpoint. YRCW’s network remains very strong and flexible. In the event of any emergency response initiative, we can shift supply chain patterns to ensure we meet customers’ needs, while continuing to prioritize the health and safety of our employees.
  • We continue to monitor the latest updates and information across the CDC, NIH, WHO and Health Canada, and will address questions/concerns accordingly related to the health and safety of YRCW employees and business continuity.
  • Infrastructure, including duplicate customer service centers and other contingencies, allow us to continue customer service support in the event of any emergency response.
  • Based upon the recommendations from official health organizations, we have suspended all visitors to the YRCW Field Resource Center (Overland Park, KS), Holland corporate office (Holland, MI) and Reddaway corporate office (Tualatin, OR).
  • In accordance with CDC guidelines on social distancing, YRCW has suspended all non-mission critical travel and postponed large-group meetings. Instead, we will continue to conduct business, shifting interactions to digital platforms or telephone. While we plan for a shift in in-person customer communications for now, we are not reducing customer contact.
  • The U.S. and Canadian governments see YRCW as an essential carrier and are not stopping any cross-border operations. YRCW drivers from Canada and U.S. origins are crossing as normal day-to-day business. We have seen few delays; however, Customs on both sides of the border is keeping commerce flowing for commercial trucks.
  • As a coast-to-coast interstate carrier, we have asked the United States Department of Transportation to monitor state and other travel restrictions and, if appropriate, take action to ensure there are no impediments to interstate commerce.

The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy, and YRCW continues to serve the North American supply chain, delivering goods – especially critical and urgently-needed items – to our customers.

A Duie Pyle:

Across North America, transportation & warehousing are viewed as essential services therefore all A. Duie Pyle facilities will remain in full operation. Our Partners are also fully operational at this time in the states/provinces in which they operate, including California.


The Ward companies and all of our service centers are open for business. Though many states, like our home state of Pennsylvania, have recently enacted business closures to varying degrees, it does not apply to trucking and logistics, as the continued transportation of goods and supplies is a critical and necessary component of not just combatting the current situation, but of the nation’s economy as a whole.

Please know that we are vigilant in dealing with the current situation, which is affecting all of us to some degree.  Some of the items we have initiated in the past several weeks include:

  1. All Ward associates have received training and have been educated about the virus, its prevention, and its symptoms.
  2. Health questionnaires have been completed by all Ward employees, in order for the company to assess information regarding potential COVID-19 risks and exposures.
  3. All visitors to all Ward facilities are completing such questionnaires, as well.
  4. Employees have been provided with additional hand sanitizer and latex gloves.
  5. Cleaning/sanitizing efforts of our facilities and equipment have been increased and intensified.
  6. Employees are to observe social distancing reaming 6-10 feet from others.
  7. Complete business travel restriction is in place for all Ward personnel.

Effective 18 March 2020, we will add the following steps as well:

  • Inside pickup and deliveries will not be performed.  Special arrangements can be made upon request.
  • Customer is no longer required to sign delivery receipts.
  • All employees that can work remotely are instructed to do so.
  • All in person meetings will be eliminated.


COVID-19 Update

The State Public Health Officer of California, the County of Los Angeles, and the City of Los Angeles have issued orders directing individuals to shelter at their place of residence, except that they may leave to provide or receive essential products or services or engage in certain essential activities and work for businesses which provide Essential Critical Infrastructure. Dependable Supply Chain Services and the goods and services that it provides fall within the exemptions from the shelter in place health order, because the Company and its employees engage in essential activities, maintain essential infrastructure, and are engaged in essential businesses, as set forth in the health orders and by the federal government.

As we are closely monitoring the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that Dependable has taken specific steps to maintain business as usual. Because the services we provide are vital to our customers’ supply chains, we have developed business continuity plans to minimize the potential operational impact this outbreak may create. Our continuity plans include backup facilities for our data center and network operations teams to be able to transition and continue operations seamlessly.

We are committed to maintaining high quality service and dependability for our customers as they continue to fulfill orders and keep inventories flowing. Our hours will remain the same at all facilities, and are taking all of the necessary precautions in the best interest of our customers, employees and their families.

As the situation changes, we will take this day by day and follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as local and U.S. government officials.

Thank you, and be well.

Mountain Valley Express:

Click the link about to read the statement from Mountain Valley’s CEO

MTS Freight:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, MTS Freight has suspended all inside and WG residential delivery until further notice. Standard first dry location residential service will continue to be performed

Peninsula Truck Lines:

As part of Transportation and Logistics, Peninsula Truck Lines is an “essential” business and will remain open to our customers that require service. The COVID-19 situation is evolving and we are processing new information as it becomes available and planning accordingly each day.

The states of Washington and Oregon have each issued “Stay Home” policies that are in the process of going into effect. In order to maintain an efficient supply chain we are asking that you confirm availability for your customers to receive shipments. However, we understand that this is an evolving situation for you as well and we will make every effort to delivery shipments you tender to us. If you have any questions please contact your account executive or customer service.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Oak Harbor Freight Lines:

In the past week, governments in the western United States, in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, have issued orders closing certain businesses and restricting gatherings and movement of people. All of those orders thus far have recognized that supply chains are critical to public health and safety, and so have allowed freight companies like Oak Harbor to continue operations. In these challenging times, we are committed to providing peace of mind by remaining open and delivering freight to customers who are able to accept deliveries.

AAA Cooper:

AAA Cooper Transportation service centers, sites, and support functions are operational. We are closely monitoring the events and institutional closings and will update our status as the situation evolves. Action Trac ® is available 24/7 for shipment location, delivery status and shipment status messaging.


Update 4/9/20:

Averitt will have limited LTL pickup & delivery services on Good Friday, April 10
and Easter Monday, April 13. If you have special needs, please contact us at
1-800-283-7488 (1-800-AVERITT) or email

COVID Update:

Averitt is maintaining delivery services except where limited by government restrictions.

Any changes to operations will be communicated to impacted customers and updated on our website