Our TMS Saved One Client Over $100,000 a Year in Excess Shipping Charges

INDUSTRY: Forgings Manufacturer


  • Claims Services
  • LTL Contract Negotiations
  • Parcel Optimization
  • Transportation Management Services (TMS)
  • Truckload

Avoiding freight overcharges really adds up — to huge savings!

This client was initially just using TFM’s freight audit and pay services. When we saw they were getting hit with cubic capacity charges and linear feet fees multiple times per week, we showed them how our TMS would help them prevent thousands of dollars a year in excess charges. They were able to reduce their monthly overspend from $12,000/month to less than $1,000/YEAR!

We also provided our free Parcel Contract Optimization Analysis, which saved them 12.7% on their parcel contracts. In addition, we introduced the client to our Vendor Routing Team, which helped them gain additional compliance on the inbound portion of their business and build stronger relationships with their carriers.


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