Our Parcel Analysis Service Saved One Client 84%

INDUSTRY: Refrigerated Transportation


  • Claims Services
  • LTL Contract Negotiations
  • Parcel Optimization
  • Transportation Management Services (TMS)
  • Truckload

Better contracts lead to better pricing

In taking this client’s business to the next level, we updated their address book, product catalog, and trained their sales staff to help take some work off their logistics team. Their sales team has become more involved in the transportation aspect of their business, which has greatly helped their logistics team.

Our free Parcel Analysis service found that UPS was not applying any discount on the customer’s rates. Since signing with TFM to help with their contract optimization, they have saved  84.1% while paying a fraction of the rates they paid previously.

We also were able to review their account for possible savings on the Freight Management contract. TFM worked with the client to find a markup percentage that worked for both parties. With the savings found on the parcel contracts, TFM was able to offer a lower rate on the LTL package. This worked perfectly for the client, since they have seen consistency on the rates due to the change in pricing model.


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