How We Saved One Client Over $200K in Freight Overpayments

INDUSTRY: Architectural lighting manufacturer


  • Claims Services
  • Custom Reporting
  • Industry Guidance
  • LTL Contract Negotiations
  • Transportation Management Services (TMS)
  • Truckload

Turning freight costs into new revenue.

This client began working with TFM in 2013 for our carrier rate negotiation and freight audit & pay services.

While reviewing the client’s shipping data, we noticed national carriers on regional lanes, which amounted to excessive overspending. By working with the client to help them understand how different carriers operate, and adjusting their internal procedures to make use of our Rate Quote tool and ship accordingly, these simple actions have helped the client drive their savings in the right direction.

  • 2019 Savings: $59,467.31 (7.63%)
  • 2020 Savings: $81,110.46 (13.55%)
  • 2021 Savings: $99,553.23 (15.01%)
  • 2022 Savings YTD: 15.59%!!!

We have also worked with the client to help turn freight into a profit center for the company, which has led to more than $200K in additional profit.


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