How We Save One Client Over 15 Hours Each Week Thanks to a More Efficient Shipping Process

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Save more time each week by eliminating unnecessary freight tasks.

It had been many years since this customer had made any changes to their shipping procedures. Their longtime staff was still using Microsoft Word to generate BOLs, PRO books for carriers, and doing everything manually. We saw a big opportunity here.

Upon retirement of some tenured staff, the client’s new warehouse manager decided it was time for an overhaul. We worked with them to renegotiate their contract, which drove savings and enabled them to better account for shipping charges on all lanes than they historically could. This improved data access helped them gain additional business for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Additionally, we found some redundant processes and worked with the client to put better solutions in place. This has helped them reallocate 15–20 hours of work each week via changes that include:

  • Carrier PRO Book in our TMS – The BOL and Label generate the PRO tracking number for our clients, so they don’t have to wait on the driver to complete
  • Claims – Filing claims through TFM eliminates the babysitting aspect of the claims process. Simply submit a claim in our TMS and we will handle mitigation with the carrier, keeping the client in the loop as needed
  • Density Scale – The customer was supplying multiple different products to a location on 1 shipment. Carriers rate these shipments differently with density scales, which can sometimes lead to reclassifications. TFM loaded the carrier-specific density scales to account for these skids, so the client no longer had to worry about reclasses due to these rules. This change reduced their 30+ weekly reclasses to less than 1 per week, which is now easily disputed and won. This saved their accounting team (and OUR accounting) team 4-5 hours per week!
  • Rates – TFM houses the rates our clients negotiate and any contracts they may have outside of Target. This helps clients quickly select the correct carrier for the job while keeping all of their data clean and centrally located

Lastly, there is the upside of freight education. Explaining to the client how their product is rated, moved, and viewed in the LTL industry gives them confidence in their own growing freight knowledge as well as the security that TFM truly understands their business and has their best interests in mind.


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