Helping a Small Company Save Big on Freight While Reducing Claims

INDUSTRY: National Battery Supplier


  • Claims Services
  • Custom Reporting
  • Industry Guidance
  • LTL Contract Negotiations
  • Parcel Optimization
  • Transportation Management Services (TMS)
  • Truckload

Streamlined shipping processes lead to countless saved hours and avoided claims!

Often, smaller companies don’t always have transportation experts on staff, so we knew we could help them get a handle on their freight spending.

When we looked at their data, we found they were over-spending on their LTL contracts. We were able to drive savings of 13% in the first month alone. During this process, we also connected their FedEx pricing to our TMS, saving their users many hours each week by streamlining all shipping through one system. This gave the company’s leadership greater visibility on how they were truly spending their money.

Since 2017, our relationship has continued to grow. We’ve helped them review their “Free Freight” programs and gave additional insight which has helped them drive new sales. Additionally, they were seeing more claims in 2020 than they had historically. We worked with them to better understand how carriers are handling their freight when moving in congested networks, and taught them how to better secure their freight to the skids and lower the chances of damages. As a result of changing their internal procedures, the client was able to drastically lower their claims from 39 claims in 2020 for $16,572 to 12 in 2021 for $1,446! With these changes implemented in late 2020 and early 2021, 2021 became their most profitable year ever!


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