Below are the carriers who have provided TFM with their business hours for July 3rd. Some carriers may be running local pickups and deliveries. Please call your local terminal for more information. You may also contact TFM for help with any shipping needs.

Carrier  Status on July 3rd
AAA Cooper Closed
Dayton Freight Closed
Expedited Freight Closed
FedEx Freight Closed
Pitt Ohio Closed
Roadrunner Closed
Standard Forwarding Closed
UPS Freight Closed
Fort Transportation Closed
Averitt Closed
ACI Motor Freight Inc. Closed
US Road Closed
Double D Express Closed
ABF Freight All Service Centers will operate during normal business hours
Ward Closed
A Duie Pyle Closed
JIT Transportation Open on Friday July 3rd with a skeleton crew.  All work needs to be scheduled one or two days in advance.  A holiday special charge will apply
Valley Companies Closed
MTS Freight Closed

UPS Freight                      Closed