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Learn how DIM Weight Has Changed How Parcel Ground Ships

Did you know that in 2015, Parcel shipping rates were modified for Ground Delivery? Do you want to learn what changed and how Ground rates have been affected? Fill out the form below to request your own copy, authored by our Director of Parcel, Chris Cummings. We can provide you with a free Parcel analysis for your business. Savings are typically between 10-25% and we can turn around your assessment in 48 hours or less. We are experiencing great success with our clients Parcel programs. Nothing changes on your end except your Parcel spend will go down. [...]

Want To Know More About Parcel Analytics? 

Managing parcel in today's world can be very complex, especially due to the explosive growth of the e-commerce segment. According to Statista, $96 billion was spent on 13 billion parcels shipped in the US in 2016. Controlling parcel spend can be a burden and requires a sound logistics strategy in order to contain costs. To obtain the full white paper on Parcel Analytics, fill out the form below. We'll send you the complete report on the 4 types of analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostics, Predictive and Prescriptive.

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