Dear TFM Client,

UPS has informed us that they have not come to an agreement with the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee.

Effective November 1st we will be removing UPS as an option in our Transportation Management System. We encourage you to use the next option available in your program.

If you do not have a better option in your program, please call us for a spot quote 888-653-1323.

We will continue to communicate all information regarding this matter.

Communication from UPS:

To ensure transparency and not put your volume at risk, starting Thursday, November 1 UPS will not pick up any UPS Freight volume with a delivery date after November 8. The last day UPS will pick up UPS Freight will be Thursday, November 1 for five-day shipping commitments; Friday, November 2 for four-day shipping commitments; Monday, November 5 for three-day shipping commitments; Tuesday, November 6 for two-day shipping commitments; and Wednesday, November 7 for one-day shipping commitments

If you have a bundled contract, or incentives dependent upon UPS Freight volume, we will ensure you experience no negative financial impact.

The UPS Small Package National Master Agreement (NMA) has been ratified. Customers can remain confident UPS is ready to continue to serve its small package customers throughout the holiday season and beyond.