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We recover money that you are owed due to late shipments and incorrect additional charges. Companies pay FedEx and UPS for the premium service they provide. Both carriers have a money-back guarantee clause which ensures you get your money back for packages that are even a few seconds late! You can save between 2% – 7% by using our parcel auditing service.
We provide a fully automated service that audits every invoice, submits for the refund and ensures payment. We do this for you so you can focus on your core business. Our fee is based on the refunds we get for you


We offer hundreds of readymade reports along with the ability to create custom reports. You will have the necessary information to streamline your shipping processes.  This is set up for your business needs which will help your company for future planning and strategy.

You can export the reports to other team members in a few different formats or schedule reports periodically.

Pricing Strategy

Ensuring you have the best pricing for your company is key! With our consultation, we strive to save an additional 10% -15% on average.

• Service Audit:  2-7% in savings
• Rate Audit: 1-3% in savings
• Analytics: Up to 6% in savings
• Over 700 reports/Dashboards
• Analytical data to help you streamline your process
• Contract Negotiations: Savings between 10% to 20%

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