The following Southeastern Freight Lines service centers are closed:

  • Wilmington, NC
  • Charleston, SC


The following is a service alert update from Southeastern Freight Lines:

  • In addition to the service centers already under embargo (Wilmington and Charleston) we are now adding specific coastal zip codes for Florence, Kinston and Norfolk.  This is programmed into our driver’s CDU’s.


  • Until further notice, we have a full embargo for all shippers, to the following:
    • All points served by: Charleston and Wilmington
    • Specific coastal zip codes for Florence, Kinston & Norfolk (see attached zip code list below)


  • We will continue to monitor the storm hour by hour, and will add zip codes to the embargo, as needed. We do not take the decision to embargo lightly and will give thoughtful consideration to each zip code decision.


  • If you need to return embargoed freight to the shipper, we have a process in place to assist you.


View specific coastal zip codes for Florence, Kinston & Norfolk: Embargoed Points

View Current Conditions on the LTL service map: Southeastern Freight Lines Service Map